Not happy with who you are? Be someone else! 

You are free to shed your skin and be anyone you want.

I would never advise someone to abandon their core values and morals… Their ethics. That stuff stays with you. You don’t change that.

The way you dress, walk, talk, act, interact with women… Hey man… If you’re not getting the results that you want, maybe it’s time to be someone else.

You are free to be yourself or anyone else that you choose to be in every given moment.

The people that care about you don’t mind. They’ll encourage you to follow whatever makes you happy.

If you fail… If you go through many different phases… It doesn’t matter to the GOOD people in your life… the enlightened people… They will love you either way.

Are people that eat unhealthy “not being themselves” if they decide to change their eating habits?

Why is it any different when it comes to your dating habits? Or the way you act, walk, talk, dress…?

It’s NOT different. Start experimenting with different ways of thinking, feeling, and being.

Maybe you don’t need to change as much as you think. Maybe you’ll find that out in the process of experimenting with different personalities. Maybe you just needed to FULLY accept yourself.

Maybe you DO need to change…

We can play the “maybe” game all day or you can go find out…

Remember… You are free to be yourself, someone else, or anything in between.  Your life.  Your rules.