I don’t want anyone to know that I’ve used a dating coach. What are your policies in regards to confidentiality?

We will never share any of your personal information for any reason. Our coaching is 100% confidential.

How much coaching will I need?

We aim to produce change in as little time as possible. We have clients that take multiple sessions because they need the help and we have clients that take multiple sessions because they really enjoy the process. Many of our clients have their needs met after only one session. Every client is different.

Can you help me get my ex back?

We can’t guarantee you that you’ll get your ex back if you work with us. We can help increase your chances though. We can also help ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes and gain a greater understanding of relationships.

I have a particular woman I’m interested in. Can you help me win her heart?

Again, we can’t guarantee you that you’ll win the heart of your special someone, but we can increase your chances. Regardless of whether or not you succeed, you’ll gain skills and understanding that will serve you in the future.

I’m interested in dating multiple women and dating more casually. Do you teach that?

We do, but we place a strong emphasis on integrity. We do not teach manipulation. All of our strategies are rooted in respect, honesty, and authenticity.

Do I have to actually talk to women as a part of the coaching?

No, you don’t. We adjust our coaching to each individual.

I’m uncomfortable talking about sex and sexuality. Is that a mandatory part of coaching?

No, it’s not. If you’re uncomfortable talking about sex and sexuality, we will adjust our coaching to your comfort level.


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