Good posture is important for a variety of reasons.  It’s good for your overall health and well being, of course.  It’s also a physical and mental health indicator to women, though.

Consciously or unconsciously, women are drawn to men that stand with good posture and carry themselves well.

There are three keys to standing with good posture.

1) Standing as tall as possible.

2) Standing as wide as possible.

3) Relaxing as much as possible.

The third key is very important.  Standing unnaturally tall and wide is not healthy, nor is it an indicator of health or confidence to women.  It can come off as try-hard and overcompensating.  Many men that are insecure about their height try too hard to take up space and stand tall.

Take up as much space as you comfortably need, but not more than you need.

If you take up less space than necessary, you’ll appear insecure and weak.  You’ll increase stress and tension on your body.

We’re meant to stand tall, wide, and relaxed.  We round our shoulders and close off when we’re under pressure or there is some sort of threat, whether real or imagined in front of us.  This causes stress hormones to rise, muscle tension, and can lead to many negative physical and mental problems.

Confident, strong, well-established men stand tall and are comfortable taking up the amount of space they need, no more and no less.

Insecure and injured men close off and try to appear smaller than they are.  Insecure and injured men also puff up and try to appear larger than they are in some cases.  These behaviors can be observed in the animal kingdom, as well.

Again, women consciously and unconsciously notice these behaviors.  They may not consciously realize that you’re insecure and not standing with good posture, but many women are very intuitive and they can sense a lack of confidence, fear, and tension in a man.  Some are very savvy at analyzing and understanding social nuances and will be able to pinpoint your poor posture and insecurity, and may view it as a negative health indicator.

So remember:  Tall, wide, and relaxed.  Breath and relax into your tall, wide, and relaxed posture.

This may take some conscious effort in the beginning, but like anything else, it will become automatic over time.