Men that don’t have integrity when it comes to women earn a bad reputation in the long-term.

The ultimate test is if you’d let a guy date one of your family members.

Think of some of the men that you know.

“If –fill in the blank- wanted to date my sister, my cousin, my aunt, my mom, my friend, my niece, how would I feel about it? Would I warn my loved one or would I encourage her to give –fill in the blank- a chance?”

I can tell you there are many guys out there that I wouldn’t let near my loved ones without a serious warning. Do you want to be one of those guys?

This is what happens when you lack honesty and integrity. You will, over time, develop a bad reputation amongst women in your area, within your social circle, amongst your family, and people will be warned to stay away from you.

There should be no let downs when a woman is with you.

If a woman makes clear to you that she’s not looking for anything casual and you know that you are, but you lie and lead her on to think there’s more potential between the two of you, you will be letting her down at some point. This is bad for business. You can only pull so many bait-and-switches on people before they catch on and you’ll have to move on to find your next victim. What a sad way to move through this beautiful life.

On the contrary, if you’re honest with a woman about what you’re looking for, she may be temporarily upset with you, but she’ll also be thankful that you didn’t waste her time.

You’d be surprised how often the woman is temporarily upset when you’re not looking for something long-term with her, but then warms up to the idea of having a more fun and spontaneous relationship.

This is not to say that you should be blunt with a woman about what you’re looking for. I’m not saying that being blunt “never” works, but generally speaking it’s better to be more tactful in expressing yourself.

Earn yourself a good reputation amongst the women you meet. There’s nothing wrong with looking for casual relationships, sex, and short-term fun. There is something wrong with saying and doing whatever you have to, to get it though.

Your results will suffer in the long run, due to a bad reputation, if you don’t learn to infuse honesty and integrity into your relationships in a respectful and tactful way.