When it comes to improving yourself with women, integrity is a crucial piece of the puzzle for long-term success and happiness. High-quality women have been taught from a young age to weed out guys that are lacking integrity and men that don’t have their best intentions in mind. It’s not as easy to manipulate a good woman as some think and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t, even if you can.

To start with, saying and doing whatever you have to, to get what you want from a woman is sending an extremely damaging message to yourself: “Women don’t like me for who I am, therefore I have to lie and manipulate to get what I want.”

You’re basically acknowledging that you’re not a desired man and that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to impress quality women.

That can take a toll on your self-esteem over many years.

Why not stop wasting time pretending to be someone you’re not, and instead, spend your time actually becoming that guy you claim to be?

That might be a little more painful in the short run, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have more of what you want and you’ll be building your success on a much firmer foundation.

Whether you get the girl or not, you’ll know that you’re keeping your side of the street clean and that you’re living a life of honesty, respect, and integrity. You may give up a few short term conquests as a result of operating this way, but the women that you do wind up with, will be much more compatible with you and will be of higher quality.

Don’t sacrifice short-term success for long-term success.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a high quality guy that women want.

Forget about the jerks that you see running around with good-looking women. Those women aren’t as good-looking on the inside as they are on the outside if they want to be with a guy like that. Either that, or the woman really “thinks” she’s with a great guy.

It’s really sad to see, but it happens all of the time. I’ve met many women who I thought were beautiful, honest, and would make a great girlfriend, but they fell into the hands of a shady guy only to have their hearts broken later down the road. Not many men can keep the lie going forever. Eventually, they mess up and wind up alone.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term, casual, relationship with a woman, or you want something long-term, honesty will get you higher quality women, a better reputation, and you’ll feel better about yourself. There are many men that are willing to take the less honest route and when you can demonstrate to a woman that you don’t roll that way, you will separate yourself from those guys and be slotted into a different category, a better category.

Don’t waste your time looking for an easier softer way. Get on a path of honesty and respect and stay the course. It will pay off.

Learning to meet women and doing it with a sense of integrity is so crucial to your long-term dating success.  Nobody is perfect and often times it’s difficult to see areas where we can improve without an objective outside perspective.  No matter how far down the wrong path you’ve gone, it’s never too late to turn things around.

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