Quick post on SEXUAL ESCALATION… This is for guys that are a little bit more “intermediate” in their skills.

When you have established a sufficient connection with a woman… a STRONG connection… physicality, touching, kissing, and sex will seemingly start to GRAVITATE to you all by itself!

It’s not something you have to reach out and grab… It’s not something you have to FORCEFULLY try to steer… It’s not a big buildup and then a leap of faith…

When I was a young man, I remember being with a girl and not quite knowing if it was the right moment to go for the kiss or to escalate. Maybe the girl wasn’t giving me any signals or maybe she was giving me “mixed” signals. Maybe she was giving me signals and I just didn’t pick up on them!

In any case, I remember there being these big build up moments where I “virtually” closed my eyes and LEAPED into the unknown and went for the kiss! Heart racing… Adrenaline pumping… Maybe even a slight tremble in my hands! Know that feeling???

Sometimes I was right… Sometimes I was wrong… but I went for it!

What I started to realize as I got older and more mature and my skills got sharper, was when a girl is ready to be kissed, when there is sufficient attraction and connection built with a woman, sex just happens all by itself. It’s a very natural organic progression. The right moments APPEAR… as if out of nowhere… I don’t have to “think” too hard. I don’t have to grab the steering wheel too tightly and try to steer forcefully.

There is almost this MAGNETISM that starts to build between the woman and me… a GRAVITATIONAL PULL… Our lips are pulled together. My hands are pulled to her body. Notice the difference! I’m not putting my hands on her… My hands are being pulled to her!

^^^^Subtle difference! Did you pick up on that!? Read it again!^^^^

Sexual ATTRACTION reaching a boiling point!

Experiment with this “different” way of thinking… this different perception… this different way of escalating. If you don’t feel attraction building, magnetism, gravity… If you don’t feel yourself being “pulled” towards the woman, don’t escalate. Keep bantering with her. Keep sharing stories about your life. Keep asking her questions and listening to her stories. Crack jokes and make her laugh. Allow her to crack jokes and make you laugh too! Keep building the “buzz” between the two of you. Not a buzz from alcohol or drugs! A buzz of emotions!

If the interaction gets serious and you start talking about “deeper” stuff… Family issues… Life philosophies… and it seems very “natural” that the conversation is moving in that direction, then roll with it… I’ve heard some people advise NEVER talking about deeper heavier stuff with a woman. I call BS on that all day!

I tend to prefer to build a deeper connection with a woman! I like a woman that can talk a “little” bit about her views on a VARIETY of different topics. I’m screening her just as much as she’s screening me. I want to be with someone that is WELL-ROUNDED. There is a time and place to not get “too” deep and most women prefer a guy that is not deep “all the time”, but most women don’t want to be with a guy that’s “never” serious and has no thoughts on higher level stuff too. Are there some women that NEVER want to talk about higher level stuff… Yes… Not for me. Obviously a bar or club is “usually” not the place to get really deep too!

Sorry… Side tracked for a second there… Sexual escalation! Right! The point I’m trying to make is that when there is a good connection between you and the woman, there’s chemistry, and you’ve build a sufficient amount of attraction and trust, sex will seemingly happen ALL ON ITS OWN. Sexual attraction and desire will take hold and you’ll find yourself not having to prepare for any “big moments” or “leaps of faith” and nothing will seem “forced”.

Devil’s Advocate: There is a time and a place to “take a chance” and go for the kiss or try to escalate an interaction EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT SURE IF IT’S THE RIGHT TIME. If you’re on the “inexperienced” side of the spectrum, you will likely not have the intuition to know if a sufficient “buzz” of sexual attraction has been built and the only way to find out is to take a chance! Also… Is there really such a thing as a perfectly “seamless” escalation? No. Every interaction is going to have some moments that don’t “flow” smoothly. Some more than others.


There’s a saying in sales… “The best close is a good pitch.” It means if you “pitch” or present your product in a good way, if you’re thorough in asking questions, if you build a good amount of trust, if you’re knowledgeable and inform the customer thoroughly on your products and services, and if you don’t RUSH the customer, the close will take care of itself. You won’t have to handle a bunch of “objections”. You won’t have to “push” too hard for the close. If you’ve done a thorough job presenting your product, the customer will be eager to make a purchase from you!

It’s the same thing when sexual escalation takes place with a woman. If you’re a solid guy and you effectively demonstrate that to a woman… If she’s attracted to you and there’s natural chemistry between the two of you… If you’ve built a solid connection with her and she trusts you… Sex will happen…There will be a MUTUAL SEXUAL ESCALATION that takes place…