Many men, lack the ability to see through the eyes of the hot chick. She’s circled, she’s eyed down, she’s checked out CONSTANTLY by men who lack the ability to empathize with her. They think about their own desires and are TOO SELFISH!

A “little” selfish = Healthy

Too selfish = Unhealthy

We can’t go through life constantly catering to others and completely unselfish or the world will devour us. However, we can’t go through life ONLY caring about ourselves, lest we lose the good regard of our fellow humans… BALANCE is the answer!

Back to what this bit was originally about… Seeing through the eyes of the hot chick… She’s constantly checked out. Guys try to be friendly to win her over, but secretly they think “too much” about the end result… what they want from her. This becomes annoyingly transparent to the hot girl. She’s maybe not feeling threatened, but grossed out, annoyed, bored…

Why would she want to be just an OBJECT for you? What’s in it for her? The legend you are in your own mind? That should be enough right?

How about the angry, creepy, tough guy? What does a guy like that trigger in the hot chick? At least the nice guy could be handled relatively easily, but what to do about this train wreck of a guy? What kind of emotions must that trigger in her mind?

Now she’s not only bored, grossed out, annoyed, but she’s slightly “afraid”… Just like the nice guy, the asshole just sees her as an OBJECT… Bad news for the asshole. Really think about it… To have someone that’s bigger and stronger than you, that’s frustrated, that’s ANGRY, that’s lonely, lusting for you…

Now throw in the rise of internet porn and a bunch of other cultural factors that are making guys more hyper-sexual than ever and it’s no wonder women, especially hot women, have to be a little suspicious… They have to develop ways to protect and be precautionary.

Still think just “living in your own reality” and “not caring what anyone thinks” and “being selfish” is going to eventually get you the results you want? Sure you shouldn’t think this one out a little and put the “state pumping” tools down for a while?

>We live in a SHARED REALITY… and again… BALANCE IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.. Sure, live in your own reality, but live in hers too… Don’t spend your time neglecting your reality and your desires, but respect hers too.

REALLY put yourself in the world of the hot girl… What do you see? How should you respond to what you see? BALANCE PLAYER!

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