CommonA question I get: What do I do if the woman invites me out with her friends?

Go! Hang out with her and her friends. You should have the mentality that her attraction towards you is going to be even MORE solidified after hanging out with her friends.

Most guys don’t think like this. They think it’s going to make their lives harder…. That now they have to win over the friends and the girl… More work… More of a chance that she won’t like him afterwards.

You should be working on yourself every single day and you should be proud of who you are. Healthy pride… Not egotistical pride.

When I’m invited out with a woman and her friends or family members, I view it as an opportunity to demonstrate that I’m a solid guy.

Most guys: “Aw man… I thought just her and I were going to hangout. I don’t want to have to juggle all of those obstacles. I’m just going to reschedule.”

Me: “Ok, I thought it was just going to be me and her hanging out, but if she wants to hang with friends… Yeah, I’m game. After she sees me interacting with her friends she’s going to be even more into me.”

I’ve even seen some guys take this “negative” mentality to the extreme. I saw in a forum one time a guy ask this exact question and one guy was vehemently ranting about how this was very disrespectful on the girl’s part and that the guy should be offended.

He was basically telling the guy to text the girl some angry, slightly offended sound bite to make the girl think that he’s a VERY in demand person and that she’s not respecting his time.

I call BS on that all day… Be someone that you love and go hangout with the woman and her friends.

A few years ago I went out with a woman that was about 9 years younger than me. She wanted me to come meet her brother, his fiance, and their two friends that were married. They were all about my age… 29 and the girl was 19 or 20.

I jumped right in and met up with all of them, ate Mexican food, and then her and I went off on our own.

I didn’t try too hard to impress them. I didn’t try to hog the spotlight, but I didn’t shy away from my turn to speak and jump in either. I just let them see who I was… No fear. No doubt.

There’s no such thing as “sneaking” into a girl’s life before she can figure out you’re not a cool guy. This is the wrong mentality.

There are no shortcuts to this “game” of dating. You have to be a solid guy and you have to learn how to flirt and attract the women that you want. You have to learn to get along with her friends and family members. She’s going to want to take you out to a family gathering or a fun night out with her friends.

Don’t try to shortcut the process. Just jump in the mix, start smiling, start chatting with people, and do the best you can. You’ll learn. You’ll grow. You’ll get better.

Most importantly, you’ll be taking the right approach to lasting improvement.