I’m not a big fan of dogmatically following systems for meeting women full of rules and regulations. There are times to follow the rules and there are times to break them. The 90 to 10 rule, however, is a simple rule that needs to be followed virtually 100% of the time if you’re serious about improving your dating life.

Whether you’re interested in learning cold approach pickup skills that are all the rage these days, or you’re looking to find love, the 90 to 10 rule is something that needs to be accepted and incorporated into your game plan (Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy mind you).

Ready for it?

Of the time that you devote to improving this area of your life, you have to spend 90% or more of it taking action and actually trying to meet women in real time.

This includes approaching women during the daytime, nighttime, trying to meet women through your social circle (friends, school, family, coworkers, activities), or meeting women online. You don’t have to use every avenue, but you have to use one or more of them and you need to devote 90% of your time to actually trying to make things happen.

10% or less of your time should be spent reading books, watching videos, talking about women, thinking about women, reading blogs, and analyzing the game.

There are a lot of guys out there that know football. They can tell you all of the statistics, the play formations, the strategies, and they know all the players, but they can’t actually step onto the field and play the game.

Do you want to be a dating analyst or do you want to be a guy that’s actually out there making improvements?

Can you imagine trying to get good at playing the guitar by reading books? What if you spent 90% of your time reading books about the guitar, watching videos, and visualizing yourself playing the guitar and you only spent 10% or less of your time actually playing?

Not a good game plan for learning to shred a guitar.

The guy who knows nothing about music theory or even how to read music is going to surpass you pretty quickly just by picking up the guitar and figuring it out through sheer determination. Some of the best guitarists that I know are self-taught.

Women and experience are the best teachers. Putting yourself in new situations, pushing your comfort zone, and allowing the responses and feedback you get from women to shape and mold you is the path to transformation.

Even if you are someone that suffers from a great deal of social anxiety, you are better off exposing yourself to situations where you could take action than sitting by yourself and reading books, blogs, watching videos, and trying to “think” your way to success.

There’s no such thing as having it all figured out before stepping onto the field and playing the game. You have to start playing the game and taking your lumps to get better. You learn as you go. There will be good times, bad times, and in between, but it’s what you have to do if you want to bring out your full potential.

The books, blogs, and videos will give you some supplemental support as you improve, but too much information will slowly drag you out of the game, increase your anxiety levels, and hinder your improvement in the long run.

Again, this is about the closest thing to an out-and-out rule as there is. It’s a little more painful AT FIRST, especially if you’re someone that has a significant amount of approach anxiety or social anxiety, but it will lead to a lot less pain in the future.

Don’t get sucked into the bottomless pit of information overload. Get out of your head and into the game and do it 90% or more of the time. You’re welcome in advance.